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FUZZ ALERT identifies speed traps, red-light cameras, road hazards and other traffic enforcement zones utilizing our crowd sourcing technology. The Fuzz Alert application allows drivers to communicate real time via the app by alerting each other of an approaching speed trap much like flashing headlights at each other. We are focusing on speed traps, road hazards, speed cameras, red light camera positions and other known traffic enforcement areas. Fuzz Alert is putting the power into the drivers’ hands to make them more aware of the roads and their surroundings. Road conditions and police enforcement points are constantly changing and this real time app allows drivers to share speed trap information instantaneously. This social media tool can be used worldwide.

Fuzz Alert’s mission is to be one of the drivers' tools based around responsible driving. Allowing drivers to be more aware of their surroundings with audio alerts should help drivers become more aware of their speed, which, hopefully, will in turn reduce accidents and fatalities. The financial impact can also be attributed to fewer speeding tickets and lower increases in auto insurance premiums. The goal for every driver, Fuzz Alert, and police department is to make the roads safer by alerting the public to speed zones.

Photo enforced cameras including red light cameras are sprouting along highways and side streets all across the United States and world-wide. Red light cameras, for example, sometimes cause people to slam on their brakes. Warning a driver of an approaching red light camera through an audio alert is another tool to keep the roads safer. This can be likened to the sign that is on the side of the road ( entering red light photo enforcement) that you see as you approach the intersection. Through this social medium and road signs the drivers will become more aware and driver safer. Think about the audio warnings that a driver may hear, if he or she don’t fasten the seat belt. Well, these audio alerts from Fuzz Alert can accomplish the same results. Fuzz Alert will help reduce traffic accidents, moving violations, speeding tickets and, in the long run, make the roads safer.

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