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Fuzz Alert lets users locate approaching speed traps and red light cameras etc... Fuzz Alert Pro - radar mode, background mode, map, pimp it, and animated voices. Fuzz Alert - "free" comes with map, pimp it, and animated voices.

The goal of the app is to put power into the drivers’ hands to make them drive safer and more alert to their surroundings. Using audio alerts for drivers to use caution in certain areas. Drivers are sharing information on conditions and enforcement areas which are constantly changing to make the roads safer. FUZZ ALERT’S mission is to be one of those navigational, information tools for responsible driving. Making drivers more aware of their speed and surroundings will help reduce accidents, fatalities and safer roads. We don’t require you to register to try the application.


Radar Mode: Pro version only - Radar Mode is a simpler way to be notified of speed traps. Audio cues will let you know when speed traps are nearby. When speed traps approach, the pace will quicken, alerting you to a potential police enforcement area may exist.

• Radar Mode provides visual and audio feedback when traps are known to be nearby

• Red glow is displayed in a progressively intense manner as the trap gets nearer.

• An audio "ping" plays rapidly as the trap gets closer.

Background Mode:

Pro version only

• Instead of closing the app by hitting the home button, the user can elect to send the application into the by tapping "background" this way you can have the application running while doing other things with the phone.

Map Mode: To report a trap, click the + button when you are next to one, or long-press or long-tap the map to specify one precisely where you saw it.

• The following traps will be displayed on the map with unique icons: Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, etc..

• When a user comes within a certain distance of the trap, the alert will occur:

Trap Reporting: Speed traps, red light cameras, etc…

Verifying traps: You can verify traps by double tapping an existing trap to let other users know if that trap is still active, not active.

o red background = verified by other users.

o yellow background = evenly conflicting opinions.

o blue background = unverified or there is a fair amount of disagreement.

Pimp-It: Registration is required to use Pimp It. Once registered, you'll get a classic car and be able to pimp it out by reporting traps and getting positive feedback!

• Active users will be able to build out a sweet new ride with this feature.
• The more time you run the app the more points you receive to pimp your ride.
• User Ranking is a rating of how well the user is reporting traps and is based on users verifying their traps.
• The more verification of your traps, the more your ranking will increase.
• The Rankings will decrease for disputed reports on certain traps; more disputes of your traps, the more your ranking will decrease.

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